DA-FI token Gnosis Starter auction EVENT approaching FAST!

45,00O OF THE 50,000 TOTAL DA-FI SUPPLY ALLOCATED TO the community in da-fi.eth GNOSIS MULTI-SIG first AUCTION to be for approximately 2800 Da-fi tokens at $1250 per token totaling 3.5 million $USD. Final numbers and date schedule TBA ASAP.

Da-Fi Token represents dafidao governance


  • polkadot

    Once MoonBeam alpha is live, da-fi will add all Ethereum Contracts to Polkadot

  • CrossChain Bridge

    Entropy V2 will include anyswap's crossChain fantom fusion bridge

  • Da-Fi Neural Arb Valve

    Da-Fi is developing an enterprise level arbitrage engine that listens-in to various cross chain data oracles via API and Subgraphs while running AI algorithms to continuously sweep and locate potential arbitrage across the entire the global economy, then convert the swarm of continuous data into actionable information, outputted on what Da-Fi calls a 'neural-arbitrage valve" and BackEnd Oracle


DA-FI token is governance!

50,000 Total Da-Fi Token Supply with 45,000 allocated to DAFIDAO Gnosis Safe

beta dapp now available!

aave, yearn's APR, dydx, fulcrum, compound pools, vaults, arbs, lending, swaps, and much more. Click the DAI icon to view Etherscan contract data. Or view full match sources and meta data at sourcify

Unsustainable Gas Costs

have continue to hamper the post Compound Gov. Token Era and yet solutions such as ZkSync, OMG, and Loopring are waiting for mass adoption. And what about Fantom?

De-Fi's current dynamics create unsustainable gas prices and opportunities for innovation

Total Gas Use Since Compound Token Launch

Natural market forces always re-price assets tied to inefficient business models. When will miners price eth 2.0 capabilities into the gas price? They won't until most de-fi apps are engineered at ZKSync, OMG, and or Da-Fi level scale .

Gas Price Spikes

Running out of gas before your swap completes? Or perhaps paying 3 x as much to deploy your smart contract then the day prior?

$17.8 billion usd inflows are masking the gas reality

Epic capital destruction

A Stunning $360 million annualized up in gas among only 5 de-fi players!! Da-Fi token represents a guarantee for the fastest and cheapest Ethereum transactions, period! And Da-Fi token is governance!

Da-Fi's Solution - ZkSync, OMG Network, Loopring and more..

ZkSync by MatterLabs provides unmatched scalability and PayPal level scale for de-fi web apps. watch the ML videos below