quantum one ecosystem

Securing the future of blockchain & DL technology.
As of December 2021, it's nearly impossible to predict with a high degree of certainty when quantum computing will collide with blockchain technology. However, we are striving to be a leader among the tech world in post quantum cryptography distributed ledger technology. Learn more in the lite paper below.

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We modified Cardano, now what?

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Quantum One Coin

Quantum One Coin (QOC) will enable users to access the various ecosystem services and software. As each of the 9 Quantum One community milestones are met, the initial supply of 500 billion coins will be reduced and ultimately rest at 10 billion total coins. See lite-paper for details.

DA-FI ERC20 Token

Holders of the ERC20 DA-FI token will receive 10,000,000 Quantum One coins per DA-FI token held at time of Quantum One chain genesis. DA-FI ERC20 is an Etherscan approved token with a total supply is 50,000 tokens. Learn more in lite-paper.

Community Recognition

Quantum One has designated 10% of total supply to the Quantum Appreciation Pool. The pool will be comprised of every single source we reference during development. Meaning, if we utilize your repos and or scholarly articles during development- you will receive QOC's & an NFT.


At time of launch/genesis, Quantum One's hybrid functional-relational (functionRel) ecosystem will be interoperable with Cardano, Fantom, Algorand, Solana, BinanceSmart Chain, Iota, and more. View the litepaper for additional details.

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Fantom Now Enabled!

Optimizing strategy performance metadata along with additional sources will train the Neural Arbitrage Valve. Learn more in the lite paper.


Behind the Scenes

Over the last 6 months, DAFIDAO performed extensive R&D culminating in a potential world first achievement! Founder, Developer, and CEO Robert Mourey Jr. single handedly & significantly modified IOHK's Cardano Haskell blockchain (including the Alonzo era) into a new Haskell blockchain ecosystem demo with several additional features specific to DAFIDAO's chain. This first video is from the early stages of the deep dive. Huge thank you and hat tip to both Yearn.Finance and Cardano dev's and communities. As mentioned in the lite paper, you both along with many others will receive Quantum One coin at ecosystem launch.

Are your NFT's quantum ready?

Quantum One will enable seamless integration of legacy data systems secured by post quantum cryptography.