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Develop the future with us upon a solid foundation that includes an IPFS, FileCoin, Polygon Mainnet integrated de-fi aggregator DApp live on Ethereum mainnet @ da-fi.io & app.da-fi.eth.link

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what is da-fi dao?

In theory, Da-Fi DAO is only limited by the creativity of those that steer the DAO - Da-Fi token holders. Under the present guidance of founder Robert Mourey Jr, Da-Fi DAO is seeking to engineer sustainable, widely-interoperable, next to zero user cost blockchain infrastructure & services that collectively achieve and eventually exceed Visa/Paypal/Mastercard scale, remain truly decentralized, immutable, upgradeable and accessible by everyone. Da-Fi DAO does not plan to build it's own blockchain protocol but rather the infrastructure that will connect all blockchains, data oracles, toolchains, subgraphs, DApps, archives, and users each deployable by anyone in few clicks of a mouse.

da-fi token

With a total supply of 50k tokens and 45k or 90% of supply earmarked for the DAO and stored in Gnosis Multi-Sig @ da-fi.eth, there is much potential for Da-Fi DAO to have a very successful future.

Entropy - X

A data engine capable of rendering more then 3 million dynamic cells of data within seconds on any computing device. Head over to da-fi.io or app.da-fi.eth.link and see the stock exchange example

0 Vulnerabilities

Security is arguably the most important aspect of DApp development. According to Snyck analysis, our DApp repo, "Da-Fi/dafi-entropy" has ZERO (0) security vulnerabilities and thus more secure then most DApps.


Da-Fi DAO is seeking to be one of the first Ethereum based de-fi DApps to be integrated with Cardano and has performed extensive testing in the last month and successfully created a Cardano Shelly Test Chain/fork show below

Immediate Roadmap

Through End Q3 2021 (9.30.2021)

Built With

Behind the Scenes

"Over the last month, Da-Fi DAO has been diligently testing and preparing for integration with Cardano once Alonzo goes live - check out the video below showing a Cardano test Shelly fork up and running!

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